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MyBusinessWeb - "Powerful Business Access Made Simple"

Getting started is simple!

Call us at 1-800-487-7467 to sign up for unlimited dial-up Internet access over the phone.

MyBusinessWeb Internet Service Plan Details

Surf the Internet up to 6x faster than standard dial-up using MyBusinessWeb
with web accelerator for only $24.00 per month. With MyBusinessWeb you can
browse websites at much higher speeds than standard dial-up, for less than
what other Internet service providers like EarthLink, AOL and MSN† charge
for standard 56k dial-up.

Not only does MyBusinessWeb offer you high-speed connections at dial-up prices, it also includes important Internet security features like spyware and anti-virus protection, parental control software and an ad blocker to help eliminate annoying pop-up and banner ads. Add to that, all of the features included with MySimpleWeb Internet service and you're looking at a deal too good to pass up!

With MyBusinessWeb's free setup and free technical support you'll be surfing the web at high-speeds in no time. Sign up today!

Internet Service Features

1) Spyware and Anti-Virus Protection
  • Detect over 220,000 viruses and other threats
  • New virus definitions updated daily
  • Certified by Microsoft, ICSA Labs, and Virus Bulletin
  • User-friendly interface

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2) Parental Controls
  • Build a "walled garden" to help protect your children from viewing adult content while they surf the web
  • Restrict access to specific web sites at your discretion
  • Create multiple user profiles to allow family members varying levels of access

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3) Simple Toll-Free Internet Access
  • Toll-free access from anywhere in the US with a standard phone line
  • Perfect for domestic travel
  • Internet service to rural areas

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4) Ad Blocker
  • Block banner advertising
  • Stop pop-up and pop-under ads

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5) All Features Included in Other Internet Service Plans

6) Competitive Rates
  • MyBusinessWeb offers more features for less money than competitors' plans

† References to savings over MSN, EarthLink and AOL® are based upon monthly rates for standard, non-accelerated Internet services as of 07/15/06. AOL®, EarthLink and MSN are trademarks of their respective owners.
MyBusinessWeb Internet Access with Web Accelerator
High Speed Internet Access for $24.00 Per Month
No cancellation fees
No annual contract required

Sign Up for MyBusinessWeb Internet Service

Internet Access Made Simple
Only $15.00
per month!

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