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Banner Ad and Pop Up Blocker Software

Simple.Net offers banner ad and pop up blocker software as part of its MyBusinessWeb and MySimpleWeb Internet service plans.

Stop annoying pop ups and banner ads with Simple.Net's ad blocker.

Ad Blocker Software Features and Benefits

While surfing the Internet you'll undoubtedly encounter web sites that serve automatic pop-up, pop under and "exit" ads . These unsolicited advertisements are almost always undesirable. They slow down your page load times, interfere with your browsing experience and can even cause your web browser to freeze or crash. That's why Simple.Net offers ad blocker software with a "kill pop-ups and pop-unders" feature.

This feature is designed to completely eliminate pop under and pop up ads without interfering with the spawning of "legitimate" new browser windows. If you find that legitimate pop up windows are being blocked, you can easily change the "aggressiveness" of your ad blocking software with Simple.Net's easy-to-use control panel.

Simple.Net's ad blocker software allows you to:
  • Kill pop up and pop under ads

  • Remove banner ads from Internet content while your surfing the web

  • Set preferences for the "aggressiveness" of your ad blocking capabilities

  • Easily manage your options and alter settings through the ad blocker control panel

Banner Ad Removal

Simple.Net's ad blocking software can also remove banner ads from web pages while your surfing the Internet. Removing unwanted banners can significantly reduce your web page load times and give you a faster surfing experience.

There is no exact way to determine if content is an unwanted advertisement or not, but with the ad blocker control panel, you can adjust the banner ad blocker to your level of preference.

Eliminate annoying pop under, exit and pop up ads from your web surfing experience today! Contact our Customer Service Center at 1-800-487-7467 for details.
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