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Anti-Virus Protection

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Spyware Detection and Anti-Virus Software

Simple.Net offers spyware detection and anti-virus software as part of its MyBusinessWeb and MySimpleWeb Internet service plans.

Protect your computer from more than 220,000 known viruses.

Software Features and Program Benefits

A computer virus or worm can allow hackers access to your personal and financial data, delete your important files, infect the computers of your friends and family and even render your PC unusable. Spyware programs can track and record your web surfing activities without your knowledge.

The threats are real, but so is your defense. Now you can safely surf the Internet and check your email without fear of contamination with Simple.Net's easy-to-use spyware detection and anti-virus software.

Our software's user-friendly interface allows you to quickly and easily:
  • Detect, isolate and remove more than 220,000 computer viruses, worms, trojans and spyware programs

  • Screen and disinfect incoming emails and attachments in real time

  • Scan your computer for malicious software or update spyware and virus definitions on demand or automatically as scheduled

  • Download the software in 30 minutes on 56k modem (9MB)

Certified Results

Not only does our award winning anti-virus and spyware detection software catch and eliminate computer viruses and malicious tracking software that other anti-virus programs miss, it's also certified by Microsoft, ICSA Labs, Virus Bulletin and other highly reputable Internet security organizations.

Start protecting your computer, your financial data and your personal information today! Contact our Customer Service Center at 1-800-487-7467 for details.
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