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Simple Toll-Free Internet Access

Simple.Net offers toll-free Internet access as part of its MyBusinessWeb and MySimpleWeb Internet service plan ($5.00/hr. Credit card needed on file to set up monthly billing ).

Toll-Free Internet from Anywhere in the US

If you're a busy traveler "on the go" or you prefer to live or vacation away from people but close to technology, Simple toll-free Internet access is for you.

The MyBusinessWeb plan provides you with a single 800 number to dial from any US location with a standard phone line.

Toll-Free Internet in Remote LocationsIf you frequently travel around the United States, you won't have to hassle with locating and programming your computer modem with different local access numbers every time you change locations.

If you live or vacation in a part of the US that doesn't provide local Internet service, our toll-free connection is your answer. Any standard phone line will allow you access to the world wide web no matter what part of the United States you're in.

Free yourself from the worries of long distance charges for Internet service and sign up for Simple toll-free Internet access today! Contact our Customer Service Center at 1-800-487-7467 for details.
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