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Parental Controls

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Content Filtering and Parental Control Software

Simple.Net offers content filtering and parental control software as part of its MyBusinessWeb and MySimpleWeb Internet service plans.

Protect your kids from viewing web content not suitable for children.

Parental Control Software Features and Benefits

The Internet is a great resource for entertainment, information and communication for adults and children alike. But the web also contains content that is easily accessible yet not suitable for children.

Now you can protect yourself, your kids and your computer from inappropriate, malicious and even dangerous web sites with Simple.Net's content filtering and parental control software.

Simple.Net's parental control software allows you to:
  • Build your own custom lists of allowed or blocked web sites to restrict your childrens' surfing activities even when you're not around

  • Choose between two options to "only allow" access to selected sites or to "only block" access to selected sites

  • Create multiple profiles to allow or deny specific users access to web sites on your lists

  • Easily add and manage sites and users through a password protected parental controls administration panel

Parental Controls Administration

The password protected parental controls administration panel is linked to your PC's Microsoft Windows user accounts and allows you to browse and select settings to allow or prohibit access to particular web sites by individual family members.

Parental Controls Administration Panel

The parental controls system enables you to maintain a “black list” and a “white list” of sites and to switch between two policies:

1) Allow all sites in the list
2) Deny all sites in the list

Only one list of sites (either “black list” or “white list”) can be used per individual user at any particular time. Each entry in the list may contain either a site name or a domain name.

Start protecting your children, your computer and yourself from harmful Internet content today! Contact our Customer Service Center at 1-800-487-7467 for details.
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